What does it mean to listen to someone’s silence, to trace their entanglements, to acknowledge their past, to speak with their memories?


Hi, I am Aytak! I am an Iranian-Canadian lawyer and political scientist. I am also an interdisciplinary researcher. I read and write about memory, political trauma and silence.

I have a great passion for people and their lived experiences. I am interested in life-narratives; the ways in which people make sense of their own life, whether and how they narrate it to others and why they remain silent about it.

I try to spend most of my free time either outdoors enjoying and experiencing nature or creating and consuming art. Painting is not only an important political category but is deeply apart of who I am. I incorporate art in my daily life – through visiting local galleries and painting – and in my scholarly research, namely trying to understand the politics of art and music in the context of trauma.

I am an avid reader, but I am too far from being a modern day book lover! I love my books in my hand! So, if you want to find me, I am usually in my office behind a pile of books!