Book Chapter

'Chapter 4: Gender, Race and International Relations', in Alina Sajed and Randolph Persaud's edited volume, Race, Gender, and Culture in International Relations

Journal Articles

Jaswant Bajwa Kuar, Sean Kidd, Aytak Akbari-Dibavar, and Mulugeta Abai, “Accessing the Influence of Migration on Refugees’ Education and Career Paths: An Intersectional Feminist Approach”, Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugee, (Forthcoming January 2019).

Jaswant Bajwa Kuar, Sean Kidd, Aytak Akbari-Dibavar, and Mulugeta Abai, “Psychological Capital and Life Satisfaction of Refugees in Canada: Evidence from a Community Based Education Support Program”, Journal of Community Psychology, (Forthcoming October 2018).

“Speaking Trauma: Silences and Romanticization”, Critical Studies on Security, (Vol. 4, No. 01, 2016)

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Conference Paper Presentations

“Embodied Memory: Sufism and Hauntology”, National Women’s Studies Association Conference, San Francisco, USA (Forthcoming November 2019)

“Architectures of IR: Persian Mosques and Symbolization of Cultural Knowledge” 2019 Millennium Conference, London, UK (Forthcoming October 2019)

“Re-claiming Gender: A case for De-colonial Social Reproductive Theory” 2019 European Conference of Politics and Gender, Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 2019)

“Teaching to Transgress: a Panel on Radical Pedagogy”, British International Studies Association, London, UK (June 2019)

“Re-Claiming Gender: Self-reflexivity, Trans-disciplinarity, and Intersectionality" International Studies Association 60th Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada (March 2019)

“Poetics of Silence” 2018 Millennium Conference, London, UK (October 2018)

“We need to talk about Trauma: Re-examining the Place of Trauma and Silence in International Relations” IAPSS World Congress 2018, Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris, France, (April 2018)

“The Art of Silence” Canadian Political Science Association, Toronto, Canada (June 2017)

“Resiliency and the Promise of Security: A Double Reading of Arendt on the Power of Promise” International Studies Association 57th Annual Conference, Atlanta, USA (March 2016)

“From Bare Life to Bare Reality: Tracing the Place of Trauma in International Relations” Concordia’s 3rd Annual Political Science Graduate Conference, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (April, 2015)

“Shattered Past and Precarious Future: Looking through the ambiguities of political trauma,” International Studies Association 56th Annual Conference, New Orleans, USA (February, 2015)

“Beneath the Surface: Micro Level Women’s Movement in Afghanistan: A Critical Feminist Analysis of RAWA,” Politics Honours Symposium at York University, Toronto, Canada (April, 2013)

Conference/Workshop Organizations

27 March 2019

Organizer, International Studies Association 60th Annual Conference, Roundtable on “Immigration and Belonging in Colonial Spaces: Race, Gender and Political-Economy”, Toronto, Canada (Forthcoming)                       

2 November 2018                      Co-leader and co-organizer, Centre for Refugee Studies 13th Annual Conference, “Bridging the Gap between Refugee and Indigenous Communities”, TD Centre, Toronto, Canada

15 November, 2017                                                                                                                                              Co-organizer, "Workshop on Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and Humanities", Omni Hotel, Montreal, Canada

12-13 October, 2017                                                                                                                                                 Co-organizer, “Bordering on Crisis: Citizenship, Borders and Forced Displacement”, Centre for Refugee Studies 12th Annual Conference, York University, Toronto, Canada

24-25 September, 2015
Co-organizer, “De-mythifying Forced Migration: Place, Temporariness and Access in an Era of (Im)Mobility”, Centre for Refugee Studies 10th Annual Conference, Held at York University, Toronto, Canada

Invited Participations

February 2019                  Invited Lecturer, “Memory, Trauma and Hauntology”, University of Minnesota

February 2018                  Invited Lecturer, “Intersectional Feminism: An Introduction”, University of Sussex, UK

May 2017                         Invited Speaker, “Conducting research abroad: Ethical and practical challenges”, 12th                                            Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Summer Institute,Winnipeg, Canada

May 2017                         Invited Speaker, “Politics of Possible”, York University, Toronto, Canada

March 2017                      Guest Lecturer, “Politics of Survival: Trauma and Memory”, University of Toronto,                                                   Toronto, Canada

February 2017                  Guest Lecturer, “Race and Racism in International Relations: An Introduction to Post-                                             colonial/De-colonial Studies”, York University, Toronto, Canada

February 2017                  Invited Speaker, “Emergent Visions, Imagined Spaces and Practicing Slow Scholarship”,                                        Jackman Humanities Institution, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

September 2015              Invited Keynote Speaker, “Narrative Turn in IR: Do Stories Matter?”, Centre for Refugee                                          Studies 10th Annual Conference, York University, Toronto, Canada

March 2014                      Invited Participant: Launch Event for Journal of Narrative Politics, Toronto, Canada

October 2012                   Invited Participant: “Critical Methodologies and Narrative Voice,” A Workshop held at                                            the York Centre for International and Security Studies (YCISS), York University, Toronto,                                        Canada